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Melody Wants to Know of the 100 Expat Locations Recommended, Which Does Not Have Mosquitoes or No See Ums?


I think my "bug problem" was caused by my daily walks along the riverbed and sitting there or by the lake shore playing with my camera. Once I kept walking to the roads I didn't get any new bites.


thanks for the update...glad to hear it!


Thanks for the video Andy. I'm looking for windy, high places ! Is there a lot of wind in any of the areas around Lake Atitlan?


Close to the lake in the afternoon can be windy. They even have a name for it, they call the afternoon winds on Lake Atitlan the Xocomil. It is a Kachequel word, not Spanish.


That's beautiful! I have always loved the I know gets rid of mosquitoes!

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