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Melody Ask, Could Gift Debit Cards be Used for Travel?


Melody Ask, Could Gift Debit Cards be Used for Travel?


I've used a Bank of America debit card in Germany, Ecuador, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and around the US with no problems. I can take out $300 twice a day max.


My primary bank account is a Bank of America account. I Never use it overseas for two reasons.

1st is security. As my primary account I want no possibility of this account being compromised. I have different ways of accessing money but they depend on being able to transfer money from this account. This is the account I send my automatic direct deposits.

2nd is my primary account for withdrawals overseas is my Schwab account which reimburses worldwide ATM fees and has a $1,000/day limit. I only use ATMs at an actual bank location, have not seen a better exchange rate, and get the fees reimbursed. So far the fee reimbursement has been verified by me in Canada, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Macau, and the Philippines.

I also have other accounts as backup such as Western Union, another bank account, and MasterCard and VISA credit cards.


that's great info! thanks. I found out that you can get Visa travel cards that you can use anywhere: . Here's the link.


Please remember two things. No matter what 'they' say about where a particular card should work, it is allegedly until hobo tested and approved. ALWAYS have a backup plan of accessing cash.

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