Matt Asked, Which Languages Are Most Useful for Travel?


Hi Andy. Good Video. I agree. I know some German, but since most Germans speak English, why bother? I speak Spanish, very useful. Portuguese is a waste to learn. Most Brazilians can speak/understand Spanish pretty good. I have communicated well enough with Brazilians I have met using Spanish. Brazilians will resent a Latino speaking Spanish in Brazil, but are OK. with "Gringos" using Spanish with them. I speak Italian on account of my parents, useful for learning Spanish, since the 2 languages -both Latin Dialects---LOL!--are similar. Italian is a beautiful language, but is useless outside of Italy unless you are into Opera Singing, LOL! I want to learn enough French to be able to communicate, but don't have the time. I may try your method. I find I can read French somewhat due that it has similarities with Spanish and Italian, but I can't understand it spoken. Are there any older Asian people in Cambodia or Vietnam that can still speak French, since both countries were French colonies until the 1950's? I wonder. Take care, Andy. ---Sal from Xela.


I have never found an French speaking people in Asia, And, zero Spanish speaking people in the Philippines, although many do have Spanish names. And, Haiti does not speak French...

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