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Mark Asked, What Do You Know About Canary Islands?


Thanks Andy,
I ended up on the North Shore of Fuerteventura. Pretty much kitesurfing heaven. With the Euro weak against the US dollar right now it was a very affordable stay. From talking to absolutely everyone I could about the islands,they've had a rough winter, cold for them and rainy but plenty of wind for the kites. No crowds this time of year either. Car rental, room and board, and food pretty inexpensive I thought compared to other kitesurfing havens. Traveling around the globe looking for that perfect spot,,,I believe I have found it.
Tarifa is a hugely crowded spot. On to Morrocco for a look. Ferry service is fairly regular.


I have not been to Tarifia for years, maybe 8, so it would not surprise me if it was crowded. This is the problem with tourism, there is only a period of time when the places do not have mass tourism. Europe is lost to me, and one reason I go to West Africa, (NOT South Africa.) because it is probably like South American in the 60's.

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It is sad even here in Panajachel too many tourists and especially the young men are not dressing in their tradition anymore and more motorcycles appearing on the streets.


Good GRIEF!!! I am a little frustrated as I had attempted 5 times to enter a message on the above note from the page turner regarding motorcycles in the town. It kept coming back as an error ,,, enter hobo in the search. OOOF I guess I am fairly illiterate with some of the page protocols. OK enough of my ranting.

I SO hope to be one who gets to ride in to the town on my bike. The old 83 Gold Wing is Not the prettiest of bikes but it is very dependable and fairly bullet proof. It will probably make the journey well. Hey do you and Andy think the town is rapidly becoming overly influenced by the touristy type? I hope not but then again I couldn't blame them for the beauties the town has to offer.

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