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Malaria Mini Documentary of Buying Medicine Paludisme

Guerrilla style documentary of Andy Graham paying to buy Malaria Medicine in Kara, Togo West Africa on May 5, 2013. Total Cost 2755 CFA or 7 Dollars for malaria medicine. Yet, the problem is complete mission creep, and THE cost escalate with confusions; and no explanations from doctor to the patient. Generally, the babies of poor and illiterate mothers dies and they never even understand what really happened. Most information is in French, or English, and there are 2000 languages in Africa.


This was a completely self-service situation, it was complete apathy, or this is your problem and not mine thinking. More or less, do you want it or not, if not move out of line.

You did not see me scream at two men who work at the Hospital Lab.

Africa is a culture where the small, poor, and illiterate believe they must listen and obey, and not question rich or educated.

More or less this is parasite that kills the poor and the dumb, people who cannot defend themselves. And, as best I know, it there is no laws in the USA against discriminating against the dumb, and poor.

Africa has 2000-3000 languages, I speak three, English, French, and Spanish, and not understanding a doctor or pharmacist is considered the fault of the person who does not understand, when in my way of thinking, the person who is intelligent has the burden of communication.

I now am starting to believe the solution is a TV in every house, so mass education can happen, there is a cure for malaria, the problem is cultural. Compounded by 2000-3000 languages.


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