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Lynda Asked, What about Water? Do you have Water Purification System?


Lynda Asked, What about Water? Do you have Water Purification System?


How about filling a sock with ground up charcoal and use that to help filter out chemicals from your drinking water? Can you find food grade diatomaceous earth over there? Stir in a heaping spoonful of that in your water for killing any suspected parasites in your gut PLUS get a boost from a lot of great trace minerals. (My nails are a lot stronger with daily doses of diatom fossil powder.) If you've got gas, bloating or cramping a small spoon of charcoal in your glass of water will cure that. If you can find some pure clay, dissolve a half teaspoon of that in a glass of water. It will cure diarrhea and sour stomach quick. If you start fighting a cold or something, drink about half a teaspoon of baking soda stirred in a glass of water. Taking some antibiotic can knock out your cold, believe it or not. I buy water soluble tetracycline from the feed store. The owner there swears by it saying he and his employees never get full blown sick or ever have to go to the doctor. He told me his secret about knocking out the onset of colds, and sure enough, recently my hubby started coming down with his "seasonal" cold and it vanished within a day after the antibiotic, CONTRARY to what we're told in the states what NOT to do. So I'm thinking that one should have a packet of feed store antibiotic to have on hand to stop the onset of the flu, a cold or extreme intestinal upset. What are germs? In my opinion they are bacteria and parasites. Parasites not only feed off their host, but they procreate, lay their eggs, POOP and pee in your system and on your skin putting out bacteria and toxins. We all have parasitic skin mites who eat our dead skin cells. You're their home where they POOP. There's one type of skin mite that holds its poop in a sack all its life and when they die, that's when one gets a flare up on one's face like with rosacea "pimples". People with rosacea are supposedly allergic to the sun because they'll have this adult acne pimple out break but its actually caused by bacteria being released from the poop filled sacks bursting when the 1000s of skin mites die from the ultraviolet action and heat from the sun! My apologies, this is gross but very true. (As for viruses, I doubt they really exist. Just my opinion from personal research.)

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