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Long Version of My Visit to The Leaning Hour of Pisa in Italy


I tried searching for ya but all I could find out about the medieval city walls of Pisa is that they are... wait for it... Medieval. Almost as impressive as a leaning tower huh?


There are tactical forts, castles, and often needed walls etc.t I am impressed with the large amount of money, time and labor that went into constructing the walls. Comparing needs with luxury is my issue, the leaning tower of Pisa seems to a monument, a lot of expense, and they make huge errors, which is what makes it famous.

We are all celebrating the error, but the dynamic history behind the areas is sort of ignored, which is pointed out because you could not find more information. We got a tourist attraction, where digging into deeper understanding is avoided.


I look at historical places like forts, castles, and walls from three perspectives.

The value society gets from the ability to see where we came from (which is Not the same as "hey this is famous, take my picture by it") and I appreciate it still exists.

The craftsmanship and skill it took to imagine, engineer, and build massive stone structures like a castle. How can you not be impressed walking into a huge ballroom with two fireplaces big enough to walk into. It doesn't stop there, actually walk into one and look around - yes in the fireplace, and realize 1,000 years ago they designed a heating system not just for for the room the fireplace is in but directed chimney heat and heat through holes in the sides of the fireplace to warm other areas of the castle.

After being glad the place still exists and being impressed that it was built, I spend most of my time walking around looking through their eyes. Mentally erasing the modern surroundings and imagining what day to day living was like as if I was there when it was new. They really deserve a lot more respect than people give them.

All that is to say I am with you, I couldn't care less about the tourist attraction/current trendy place to go side of travel. There is much in the world to see and some happen to be tourist attractions. I want to know more about a woman than the color of her lipstick is the point I am trying to make - hopefully that makes sense.


Yes, these place can allow us to walk back in time, with the hope of understanding the people who were before us, that made us the people of today.

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