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Live Abroad, How Cheap is Cheapest Apartment or Room?

A cheap hotel room has nothing to do with reviews, or Internet. Instead it is the knowledge of how much people earn in that Country, how much does the average person earn per month, then divided by 4. we should pay 25% of our money on housing, if we are in $1,000 in a month, we should pay no more than $250. country where everybody's burning $200, we should not be paying more than $50. Therefore, the cost of an apartment should only be depending on how much the locals, now how much and for your gift for the pay, being cheap in the United States has nothing to do with what should be cheap when living abroad. again, only pay 25% of what a local earned in one month's work. If a local earns $300 a month 25% of that is $75. Earnings per month / 4 = Target price for rent.