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Keith Has Allergies and a Cat, What About Medellin or Cuenca?


Keith Has Allergies and a Cat, What About Medellin or Cuenca?


We travel with dog(s). It Can be a pain. We used hub and spoke. Our home was in Chiang Mai. We left the dogs in the care of a friend or housekeeper with 3 backups. This let us travel for one month at a time around asia. Airfare was very cheap.
The USA has Made the paperwork more complicated and expensive. You want to do this yourself and not hire it out to an avaricious agency.
We will take our dog to Lake Atatlan Guatemala for 2 months this summer- not that the Lake needs any more dogs.. We believe it will be about $400 round trip NOT including airline cost. Yes, it's a expensive.
FYI. Those in need of an "emotional support animal" may take the critter free in the cabin. If the flight is international you must fly on a US airline and there can be no intermediate stops outside the USA. This requires a letter from a licienced psy professional. The airlines have become hip to the bs on line psychologist so do not try them. It must be for real. Happy Landings.


Lawrence14, what paperwork? I've traveled from Asia through the US to Grenada WI with a dog and never had ANY US paperwork. Every other country wanted paperwork, but never entering the US. We flew from St. Martin to Puerto Rico to Seatlle with the dog with nothing. I've brought my dog into New York by air with no paperwork tpp. And looking at driving to Panama with the dog, the paperwork is all for the countries we go through.

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