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Kathleen Peddicord and International Living Need Stopped


Kathleen Peddicord and International Living Need Stopped


The truth.

rambling robert

Hi Andy, I agree completely with your post. These guys are preying on naive older people. I tell people to disregard everything they have read on international living. It is a BS publication Peace and love Rambling Robert


Rambling Robert is the chef I interviewed in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, and is one of the most experienced world travelers on the planet. This is an important issue, so thank to all. Andy


Ahhhhh yes Kathleen Peddicord. When I first joined her site man years ago I found so much misinformation. In particular about Ecuador. I wrote her to tell her how I had found contrary info and never had the courtesy of a response. She, as I understand it, does not write her own stuff, she hires others to do so. What's the saying garbage out garbage in? She has built up a 'reputation of being an expert' through a net work of alleged trustworthy news and financial planning sites like Forbes, USA Today, US News etc that use her articles and name as an 'expert'. It shows how lazy she and these writers are by being so greedy for the almighty buck. They'll screw anyone for it. When you get a chance check out her photo - A smile behind sunglasses. That should be the first clue she is hiding something. Also run a search engine check and you'll see the number of websites she is an expert on. You'll also find the complaints about her. What's that word that describes someone who sells promises of pleasure for money? Escapes me right now. :-)


She does a wonderful marketing job in appearing to be an independent reporter and buyer's agent. I was also caught in her web and subscribed to the magazine when I first started researching.

I quickly realized what was going on there though. She is the seller's agent for her husbands real estate deals. The evidence is the "best places" that she recommends are places her husband has bought real estate that is now for sale 10 times or more what it is worth in the local market (which is still average to low prices in the U.S.) For $1,200 you and your significant other can come to a seminar on retiring in this "newly discovered haven", including an "insiders only" offer to buy real estate.

hmmm, if I am on a $800/month fixed income, she will charge me $1,200 (plus food, plus airfare) to learn how to buy a $25,000 property for only $250,000. Great deal - NOT! Or I could become a verified member of Hobotraveler, get a $100 consultation with Andy and learn how my $800/month is more than sufficient in Panajachel, including $178/mo for rent...

Gee I wonder who is in it for the money and who is in it to help people???

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