John Asked, Is Cuba a Safe Place for Travel


Professional Adventure Leader. Just returned from a two month visit to Cuba and will be going back in December to run some writing and photography workshops for travel writers. Look up the web site for more info.


Hi Andy. This is Sal down in Guatemala, where I have been Living for 4 years now. You are absolutely correct. Roughly 70percent of the Gringos-Foreigners, American or European who I have met in Guatemala and who have been hassled or robbed here were doing something DUMB or ILLEGAL here. DUMB is going out alone-I mean Men- and getting drunk then wandering around unfamiliar streets, know little or no Spanish, hanging around Bordellos, and then wondering why they got robbed here in Guate, Hookers often get their clients drunk. When the guy leaves the crummy Hotel when he is done-LOL!-the hookers will cellphone their friends , if she thinks the Gringo has much $$$ and is drunk stupid enough. The crooks have a description of the guy's looks and are lurking about down the street from where the guy is....and BINGO-you guessed it-Mugged! Other Gringos who get into crap here are trying to buy Drugs, and get ripped off, especially from Coke dealers. Don't wander around drunk alone late at night, go to hooker places, or Buy drugs, and Guatemala is NOT, in general, any more dangerous then NYC. BTW, most Americans wouldn't wander around drunk in the South Bronx late at night wearing an expensive watch. Same applies to Guatemala! Take care, Andy.----Sal53


I think people believe it is their right to drink on vacations. It is a time of splurge, and they somehow believe they are smarter than people in many countries, as if a Guatemalan is not smart enough to rob them.

What you said Sal was perfect.

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