Johan Asked, Explain You Private Server in USA for Banking?


Johan Asked, Explain You Private Server in USA for Banking?

Bob the Squid

My 2 cents: think of VPNs primarily as a privacy tool and only secondarily as a network security tool. All online functions with a need for security should be fully encrypted between your computer and your counterparty's server, e.g., your bank should be communicating with you over encrypted HTTPS and not unencrypted HTTP. If your counterparty is not serving an encrypted connection, then you should immediately stop doing business with them. In other words, it should basically be as safe to log in to your bank's website from Africa as it is from Indiana.

Also, here's the absolute #1 thing about computer security that many people overlook: have a backup. That's it. Back up your computer to something outside your computer, preferably a something located in a physically different location. You are much more likely to suffer inconvenience and grief from having your computer stolen or damaged by fire, flood, accident, etc., than you are from having hackers steal your personal data.

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