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Joe Asked, Which Cultures Girls Are Not Wanting Money?

I am not sure there is a culture where the women do not want money.


Joe Asked, Which Cultures Girls Are Not Wanting Money?

Butch Black1

Hi Andy, this video is one of your best. You were focus and on point, with great info backed by experience.


I agree with the comment that you made that Thai women do not make good wive, but I believe for a different reason. I have found that Thai women are obsessed with their careers and making money. Next in priority probably comes their children and relatives. That leaves spending time with husbands a low priority. Last December, I was taking the ferry to Koh Larn island and I met an American who was married to a Thai woman and they had 2 children. He was there with his 2 kids to visit his wife's relatives but said his wife preferred to stay working at her job in the USA (not that she had to).
I lived a year in the Dominican Republic and had bad experiences with the women there. In the DR, "Lying is a perfectly acceptable form of communication."

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