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Jo M Thinks American Make Knee Jerk Response to Collapse of USA to Move to Ecuador or Live Abroad


I agree that if the USA goes down there are many countries that will experience severe problems as well.

I've met many expats abroad that "hate" their home countries. Most were unhappy people at home who have imported their misery to a foreign land. Walk by a US embassy abroad and you will see a long line of locals applying for a visa. If it is so bad to live in the US, why are so many people trying to get in?


I am right now in Indiana, there are corn and soybean fields everywhere, everything is green, lush, and full of water. While on the rest of the planet they grow food like a badly weeded garden. The USA is extremely rich in good flat farmland, and water, which in the end is all people really need.

Americans worry about the injustices in the USA, and there are some, and they scream, and rant, and write letter, and even throw things at the president. While in most countries they say nothing, because people die when they complain to much. America citizens are greedy on freedom, as if they had none, they are often drunk with their own freedom. I was talking to a guide one time on a boat on the Mekong river, he told my friend, he was did not want to be rude, but he was afraid to answer my questions, someone my hear the answers.


Yes we have it pretty good in the USA, due process under the law, enforcement of contracts and the right to sue for legitimate damages. Not perfect but what country/society is?

Living as an expat is great- until there is a problem. My motorcycle was stolen in Thailand. Reported it to the police, even had a CCTV video of the thieves in the act, but the cops just laughed, they wouldn't even visit the crime scene. They didn't even make a report until my second visit, insisting that they log it in their files and give me a copy.

Enjoy your visit home the mid west is great in the summer +1

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