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Jo asked, As a Single Woman in 50 Is It Safer to Travel Perpetually, or Staying in One Apartment in Latino Countries


There are two rules of travel, never talk about politics, or religion, which is savvy, and getting involved is something else.

Well, worrying about Gaza is less of a worry to me, then Ebola in West Africa .

Nonetheless, I have been to Israel -- and, if I anyone shot a rocket into my mothers neighborhood, I would go and kill that person. This is Israel, real life, and I have also been to Iraq, and Ivory Coast when then broke out into war. I listened on the phone as guns were fired, and my girlfriends mother lost her house to Muslim soldiers. It is not as simple as just opening our mouths in disgust, war is normal.

I have been to China, went in from Tibet, landed in Lhasa, and flew to Bejing, and took the train to Mongolia.

Is there any difference between China and Latin America? The better question is, is there anything remotely the same? Nothing is close to the same, but I will make a video answer. It is a good question.

Andy Lee Graham in Cuenca, Ecuador today, freezing little city, with endless rains.

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