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Jim S Asked, Where Are You Going in Ukraine


Andy, you are going to love Ukraine promise you might even want to stay longer then you expect to. I have been there three times for eight months total and would consider going back if I wasn't in a relationship right now. Most beautiful women in the world I truly believe. Try not to get involved as the women are always looking for a way out :). Looking forward to your trip make sure you go to Odessa there's a MDonalds with great fries.Know you loves fries. I could say alot most but you need to find out for yourself. Wish I was traveling with you we are alot alike. Sincerely Ted


This is what I want to hear, I do not enjoy being around tourists, and I have been surrounded by them for the last seven weeks. I have been to 10 countries in the last 2 months, and I do not understand anything about the people, the tourist around me, understand nothing, we are all just bouncing off countries to say we have been here. This is not my way, but when there is nobody staying longer than 1-2 days in the Hostel, or Hotel, then why stay longer, there is way to have friendships that last. Most destinations in Europe are just one-night stands love affairs at best, which will soon be forgotten. I need to meet people who never want to leave a destination. I have been in Malta now for 5 days, and most people are old, dreadfully old.

I want to go to a country where people stay for months. Ted, you give me hope for Europe, but really for the next months I will now leave Europe mentality.


My advice on women is this, you need to say wrong, offensive things, be sexist, make rude comments.

If the girl has fun, then you got a keeper, someone who is does not have a cob up her butt, who is not the PC Political correct police, who is not going to be your mother, your school teacher.

It is amazing how many people want to argue, so provoke them, know who they are, and erase them from your world.

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