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Jeroen Travel Expert Interviews Andy Lee Graham Part 1


Love the interview Thank you for giving us so much! You are very kind and generous. Have you seen any good movies lately? We just saw the Hobbit. If we could all be more like Bilbo.


What a sentence HoboMd? I do not know what to do with that sentence, am I generous, yes, I am kind, which means a person can be generous. Yet, when a person interviews me, is it generous for me to reply? Yet, there is something mysterious about my travelers lifestyle, it is a mystery me also, it is who I "Are," I am a traveler, which for me it not an easy to explain lifestyle, how does one explain a life?. Maybe through a series of questions can the travelers lifestyle be explained.

Have I seen any good movies, yes, but off topic, but who is a Bilbo? I have never been able to tolerate the Hobbit series of films, I start to watch them, and the stop. I decided to try again today, so will get the movies, and try to watch again. We maybe all want to be Hobbits, more likely, we often want to be anything other than ourselves. Maybe what is nice about my life is that I only want to live my life, never have illusions, delusion, and aspiration of any other life, my life is worth living.

Now, I will watch the Hobbit, and see why people would want to be like Bilbo. Please tell me, why we would want to be like Bilbo, I am absolutely naive, I am lost, which is why the sentence is bewildering


Too Fun ! You two are Great! I hope I can do travel business with you two soon. Also hope you get to enjoy the Hobbit movies. I have watched e few of your videos and read enough of your essays to know that you are Awesome If you will pardon my teenage vernacular. I have 2 of them living with me in my home. One attending university to learn about computer science.

At times I get frustrated with being in the states and many of it's goofy ways, laws and it's troubles...But I always remember an article you rote " I'm glad that my mom has never had..." I can't remember where I stumbled into it , but let me just say It was an incredible essay!

Again Many thanks


"The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey."
he Hobbit is a travel movie, and maybe it belong on my page where I collect the best travel movies.

Aagh, I watched sort of up to 49 minutes before my mind wandered away too far to retrieve, I found myself reading on Wikipedia, and not watching the movie. And, just not having the energy to continue watching, and was looking for another movie to watch.

I will come back in a few days, maybe watch it like something I want to learn, but find boring.

Yet, there are so many comments, quotes, ways of thinking that I would promote, encourage, and want people to embrace. I think for me, the lesson from The Hobbit can be this, by learning why It annoys me, I can learn about myself. My gut reaction is, they is too much drama noise, too much drama. I love science fiction, but do not want to hear my horoscope.

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