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Jerod Asked, Have You Met Travelers With Allergies?


That is wonderful to hear you are taking your mom to Guatemala! Will you be doing any meet and greets or seminars while there? I know that is one of your favorite places Kudos to you and your mom. I may try to get down there to say hello. Do you think there might be a need for a retired dentist there? I am considering working in another country. I'm 50 and healthy no allergies thank goodness. Still have some work left in me. I think


Hello, I will be on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala from January 15 onward for 2 months. It is not really difficult to meet me, I am just walking around like the rest of the people on the lake. I will be doing the live abroad seminar, where I help people to come to Lake Atitlan for 500 dollars.

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