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I have contacted Jeroen and he's been very honest with me. He was able tell me where he could help and where could not help find me cheaper airplane tickets. I have not used his services yet, but plan to in the future when I start to travel (go on holidays) again.


In my opinion, a person that plans, or knows they are going on a trip in the next year, should get Jeroen on board with the plans one year ahead of time. Paying him a 100 dollar retainer, allowing him to know that you are serious, allows him to take care of you. I think last year I paid him 300 USD, about every four months. Yes, I am 100 percent sure he saves me so much cash, to me it is ludicrous to not, I am always afraid he is going to stop helping. This is why I am promoting him, I know that the more he makes, the better he will take care of me, more or less, what goes around, comes around. Do understand, we do not get any commission from this.

Plus it is painful to read about someone having problems with onward tickets, or simple strategies for visas, things they don't know they need until the walk in front of the problem and lie down on the tracks to get hit.


Thank you for for offering your time and energy Andy and Jeroen. Will you add paypal to your resources? May the endeavor be profitable and worth while.


I am not sure I understand HobodMD about Paypal? At the bottom of all Hobo traveler site is a way to pay me with And, yes, it would be good to have a way to pay Jeroen also with

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