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James Asked After Europe Where First India or Thailand?


James Asked After Europe Where First India or Thailand?


India is a good place to get food poisoning.


India is a wonderful country, been there three times. One must understand diseases, sanitation, and personal hygiene. One of the biggest myths on the planet is the more you pay, the more famous the restaurant, the safer. Why? Restaurants often refuse to throw away food, and in big ones there is no way to enter the kitchen. If I cannot enter the kitchen, then I do not eat at the restaurant, I want to know my cook. I was in Angola, Indiana, say tattoos, big fat arms on a pot bellied cook, and did not eat. Yet, many people get sick anywhere other than home, their gut bacteria needs to adapt.


I had to quit eating in USA restaurants because I got sick so often, so I cooked for myself and ate those pre-packaged salads from the fast food places, taco's and hamburgers. I figured if they burn it on the spot for you it would be safe,


Would taking a probiotic or digestive enzyme help with transitioning from western food to exotic food? or is it just time and being careful that works ?

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