Is it Safe in Turkey for Americans, David S Asked This Question, it is an Excellent Question


Hello Michael, I was trying to think if an Arabic person ever said the word to me? As my understand of Arabic, the spelling of Arabic is same across the whole Arabic speaking area of the planet. Yet, the actually pronunciation change from place to place quite radically. Therefore, we could learn to spell words in Arabic, but need to learn to pronounce the same word differently in each new language area.

Not essential to pronounce words, however to understand people, and cultures it is my opinion, we need to know their underlying religion, even when they say they are not religions, they was raised in a family that has interpretations of God will for the family.

One huge ambiguity that arises is a country may Speaks many languages, for example when I am in Togo, West Africa, the speak Kabye a tribal language in the city of Kara, the lingua franca is French.

Then the Muslims are study Arabic, because as I understand, they are suppose to understand the Koran in Arabic, but really they don't understand, it must be interpreted.

This is like having Catholic ceremonies in Latin, or whatever language they use, again, i really not important to me, except to know, that understanding of any moral, ethical beliefs is easier, when simple, and understandable.

It is like a professor dropping, or me saying words in Spanish,or French, two language I speak, I can do to demonstrate I speak these language. However, to say sentence in these languages, and expect people to understand is silly. People will nod their heads, say yes, and agree, and essentially allow me to control them by a form of shame.

And again, people have incredible amounts of shame, guilt, and anger when they do not obey something they cannot even understand because not in their native language.

Charlie Foxtrot
I say this to avoid using profanity on the page, and having Google punishing rank, or people understanding. Really is not needed to be understood, just fun to learn if one is prone to learning. Writing is this way, you allude for the benefit of a very few, giving bread crumbs towards higher meaning. For the diligent to follow, gives them a sense of superiority, as if they understand the inside terms. There is always an insiders game of knowledge, as if to day, if you only understood..

Nothing every obvious is SNAFU.

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