Introduction to My Teak Invesment in Togo


Pretty cool, look forward to hearing more about this as it develops. Maybe if my business grows I can invest some money with you.


I am making progress, un peu un pue. I am spending this week concentrating on learning as many words as possible related to the import, export of Teak in French. I will need to know many words to discuss this. Plus, here in Kpalime, Togo April 30, 2015, and it appears to be a major location for growing Teak. The city is close to the Ghana border, and the elevation is higher. I am working to find the proper people in the country to talk with for certifications, this is needed to sell wood in Germany or America. Without a certification, we cannot sell easily. I will meet soon a person here that worked for the forestry department of Togo. I have also discovered they did some research on Togo at Lome University. More or less,I am connecting all the dots.


Sounds exciting!

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