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Interview Bob Who Retired Abroad Lake Atitlan Guatemala


Interview Bob Who Retired Abroad Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Dave Kellar

Thanks Bob and Andy. I've been looking for cheap warm place to move to so I found this video very interesting. I've been going to Jamaica, Dominican Republic, and Ecuador the last few years but Andy's talk about Lake Atitlan Guatemala has convinced me I need to go see what it's like. I would like to have heard more from Bob on what it was like making a break from his past life and starting a new one where he didn't know many people. What is his social life like now? Does he use Facebook or other media to keep in touch and make new friends? Which ones- is there a blog for Lake Atitlan Guatemala that he likes? What does he think of the medical care down there? Sorry to many questions I know, just thinking outloud.
Thanks for all the videos Andy, they make me smile.
Dave Kellar
Louisa VA


Very nice. You did good Bob.


Dang it, Bob. You're living my dream!


I couldn't quite tell, is that Rosita, our favorite waitress from the restaurant we usually had breakfast? If so he couldn't find a better person.


Thanks Andy and Bob! really wonderful to see someone having a peaceful retirement for a change!

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