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In The Middle of Rain Storm, The Hotel in Antalya Turkey is Not Open


I am very good at handling things, that "I cannot change," and "Must accept."


While I like the thought that things are laid back in other places I must also hope that the places of business are respectful and somewhat practical as well. I hope you did not pay too much for the inconveniences. I guess I am still amazed that you can get places for less than 100 or 50 or let alone 30 a night. I still would be glad to be able to get places with 10 - 20 a night and would be ok with inconveniences. I want to post a funny clip i found at the erving science building at the BYU campus you reminded me of. I will see if there is a way to attach photos.


I pai 35.00 TRY = 15.0597 USD per night for private room in Analaya, Turkey, private shower, free breakfast. The Abad Hotel, pretending to be a Hostel gave me a discount for staying longer. Net cost was probably 13 dollar per night if you take off the breakfast.

Inconvenience are universal, at all price ranges, and why you need to only pay 10-15 dollars for happiness. This hotel had 10 times more people than any of the expensive ones, i would not even consider another Hotel in the Old Town area of Antalya, this was the only fun one.

YET - Me and Jeroen had a room at the Crown Plaza Istanbul next to Airport for one night, it was form of free hotel he was able to get, or he paid, I am not clear. Nonetheless, we call for shuttle pickup, and it never came, never showed, very stupid, so pay 200-300 USD per night, and you get the same stupid stuff. But, at 15 dollars I feel I got a super value, if I would have paid 200-300, then I would have felt stupid.

Generally, the universal thing is, the more a person pays, the less they will complain, for fear of being told they was stupid. But for me, i will tell anyone about the problems of hotels, with the hope that one hotel learns.

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