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Important Travel Quiz to Figure Out -- What is Wrong in The Photo Area?


Important Travel Quiz to Figure Out -- What is Wrong in The Photo Area?

Butch Black1

Ok Andy, I looked past the coffee ha,ha, but that smartphone is ready to be slammed to the floor, jurked down by the power cord.


Looks like not enough power outlets for all of your devices.


Nothing wrong as long as you don't mind spilling your hot coffee water over your electronics and extension cord, turning your components into paperweights and burning the hotel down. (my real answer, sprinkled with humorous sarcasm)


I see you are using a surge protector on a very spindly tippy table and you might sit on your spoon. Beside the possibilities that Butch, Steven and Always pointed out, I am left very curious as to what the problem is.


I think i because you are using a power electrical device (water heater) and an electronic device on the same cord and that is bad, electrical devices suck a lot of power and sometimes mess around with the voltage and frequence of the electricity supplied in the node and this can make the AC to DC transformer of the electronic devices to brake as it is designed to work on nominal conditions... other than that I dont see a lot in the video, a closed up please :D cheers guys...


Andy... what is wrong here ? I have been thinking... lol

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