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If No Choice, And Had to Choose One Location for Rest of Life, Where?


If No Choice, And Had to Choose One Location for Rest of Life, Where?


I don't think you ever answered the question the man asked. There is a difference between "where you would choose to live if you couldn't leave?" and where would go to die? And forget the issue of a wife. How about answering where you would choose to live if international travel would become impossible but you were single and healthy?


Andy, I suspection the fellow who asked the question really mean where would you live outside the US if you had to live in one place the rest of your life. I guessed your answer as soon as I heard the question.


Yea....if ONE place only........where would you go to "live" .......not go to "die". If you had to live out the rest of your life right now.............Me? I know the criteria I would require, not sure of the place. "Yet"


Andy hasn't answered that question yet. Maybe he has for himself, but I haven't read it or heard him name it. he has talked about "retiring" by rotating among four or five places (can't remember which ones) but I'd like to hear where he'd prefer to live if he had to stay in one place. Of course, he has often said that it is not countries but cities you go to. But there may be a country with a number of cities he likes where he would prefer to live, if necessary. Andy?

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