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I Want to Have Children in My Life - Why I am in West Africa?

I am 57 years old, I have never been married, the only way to enjoy the loving nature of children was for me to leave the USA. Sadly, in the USA, they people are creepy, they seem to always think the worst of humans. I am just a normal human who like children, why I never married was not a choice, it is life, it is what happens. While here in Kara, Togo, they are happy when I play with their children, and I am happy and content doing so. I have around 17 nieces and nephews, and their parents seem to want them to disrespect me. Yet, they will write about me, talk about me, and say I have the dream life. But, I my life must scare them to death in the USA, yet, all children are just loving by nature, what a great place to be today.