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I Stayed In Dreamhouse Hostel in Kiev Ukraine


This was in Ukraine, the city of Kiev. It was a clinical hostel, sterile, not to family, definitely not family. Yet, I see many people pay too much attention to the Hotel, and not to the neighborhood. It was in a good neighborhood to live. MOST 5 star Hotels are in horrible neighborhoods, on extreme traffic streets, in the middle of the tourist bubble. I find the neighborhood in the end is more important than the Hotel, or Hostel. But, it take more than 3 days in a city to know which neighborhood is best. I am screwed here in Europe, the cities are too big, too touristy, and too complicated to have fun.

I am just sampling cultures, to see if any of them are fun enough to return to visit. I suspect that I will never return to any of them for 1-3 months, they just are cold weather cultures. I like tropical cultures, where people spend their days outside all the time, and not cultures that hide in buildings.

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