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I Seem to Have Left Paradise, Went to Europe, Landed in Norway, and Paying for this By Living in Bad Hostels


I slept in the Oslo Rygge Airport, and forfeited my bed for the second night. I could not find an acceptable way to get the bus station that leads to the airport at 3:00 AM in the morning. The primary reason to live in a Hotel, Hostel, and not on the street is for security, and when a Hotel or Hostel does not provide safety, for me, this is unacceptable. I am presently in the Old Town Hostel in Zadar, Croatia, and each person has a locker big enough to put in your backpack, or luggage.


Anker hostel looks very institutional, like it was designed as a minimum security prison!


Anker Hostel is a factory, sadly most of the young travelers only stay 1-2 days, and move on, this is the nature of Europe travel. I remember one time listening to a young man in Riga, Latvia say,
"I went to 17 countries, in 19 days."

The whole reservation system in Europe, lack of competition between Hotels, shortage of rooms forces the consumers into traveling in the worst fashion possible. You can always tell a good hotel or hostel, the best one have many people living for weeks. If a person leaves in a day, they are voting with their feet, a good room people make many excuses to stay. In defense of Anker, the prices of rooms in Oslo is so high, that you really have no choice, it is one of the cheapest.

Yet, the primary reason to live in a Hostel is for security, and there is never an excuse for not having one locker per person, and big enough for a backpack.

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