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I am 78 years old and listen to you every day. I find your information very helpful and enjoyable and plan my trips by it. Thank you for your wonderful program . Very truly yours Gene Solis


Hello Andy , Fred here travelled the wold during the late 60's through the 70's..... Been east, from Tokyo through Istanbul , then Europe for a number of visits. Then onto south and central America .......
I know the information that Andy shares with his readers is extremely straightforward and honest. He tells the truth that a budget (cheap) traveller can use both for immediate travel, as well as, the long road traveller. Andy's travel philosophy is useful for the thrifty traveller either long or short term travels to many different countries.youbwould be well servered to include his thoughts on the flip key site.
Fred Martin


The only travel site that is real.


Here are your needed sentences:

"Why should you visit my website? I have traveled non-stop for 16 years to 95 different countries. You haven't."


Andy allows us to benefit from the fruit of his years of experience as a budget traveller. True insight and tips for those who want to go beyond the artificial blah-blah of the majority of travel writers....


Why follow Andy? Well who else does what he does? He is the original, exceptional real traveller. He gives great advice, opinions and offers a unique history of doing the walk AND the talk. No one approaches what he does- that is why I follow Andy. Maybe you should to!


Andy’s spontaneous posts and videos are warm, contemplative, spontaneous. He is a perceptive man of integrity that is also a great travel writer for those of us on very limited incomes
His travel is “on the ground” as a participant - not a tourist collecting souvenirs while staying in hotels that insulate one from other peoples/foods/culture/beliefs.
Five years ago we had spirited discussion about good books to read. My life would not be complete without his shared experiences.


Here are some e-mails,
Thanks -- Which one is best?

Andy is a serious budget traveler. He never insults or disgusts me by calling a $100 a night hotel room cheap. Take care.
Kaylyn D.

I think a good description of why a person would be interested in your webb sight is that:

HoboTraveler.com depicts a real time demonstration of minimalist travel in comfort with wisely considered lifestyle advice.

Gean C J.

I started reading your blog many years ago, while at work day dreaming. I read some of your old posts about alcoholism and realized I would never be the "hero of my own life" as you put it if I did not make some changes. It's been almost a year with no booze, and that first aa meeting I was asked what was the tipping point in my thinking, I credited you. You are a great inspiration. Next week I will be off on my first sober trip, to Cartagena, paid for with the beer money I saved.

I didn't have a question, just wanted to give you my sincere thanks for opening my eyes to the wonderful world of sobriety and long term travel.


Learn what traveling is really all about with unbiased, unedited day to day excursions. Forget the glitzy over-hyped hotel Apps and delve into travel from a common sense and very REAL level. The Andy Show goes where most don't dare to follow... but wish we could.


If you want to know if you can live your travel dream and how to achieve it watch the "Ask Andy show".He will show you proven ways to make the World your apple and how to peel it.

Andy, maybe this can help.

Best Regards,

Ken K


Andy Graham tells it like it is! He doesn't plug overpriced hotels just so he can get a freebie. He will tell you that a $100 a night hotel in Guatemala is way overpriced for that country, as Andy is not beholden to any travel company!


i like that Andy usually stays in one place long enough to figure out how tings work, then shares that knowledge.

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