I'm The Unforgiven, Andy Lee Graham


I'm The Unforgiven, Andy Lee Graham


Yesterday is gone...live today...be you...don't worry, be happy!


Yeh, ya bring up the alcohol thing way too often.
When I quit a decade ago it was a new chapter in this book of life. I don't go to bars, hang with drinkers, or talk about it often.
I do speak out frequently about my own and other's mental health and no one even wants to be around me. No "normal"" people want to hear about drunks and dope and mental illness. About medications and support groups.
So I do not forgive you (I actually do, kinda) but I am the one twice unforgiven. And I do not care much, either.


Terry, thanks, your comment was a great example of not being forgiven. We are not supposed to point out that people are fat lazy alcoholic dysfunctional and all the major topics that we can't talk about her we'll get caught some sort of name. We have to accept that people want to be who they are. It's for me when I make a video I'm making it only for myself I'm basically talking to myself about what I'm thinking. Only when I'm doing an interview do I actually worried about the audience. This is the great benefit of a travel blog it's like having a diary that is under scrutiny of the world. Every Divergent opinion give me another way of looking at my own introspective life. The great fun for this one was to see who actually wanted to read this title.


May I suggest you buy a pair of brown shoes, like the pair that I wear. Why you ask? Because the world is a tuxedo.


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