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I Guess I Accept The Challenge, I Am Going to Show What I Eat on 5 Dollars Per Day


Fun video, now watch he say something like, "AHA! He went over by .08 cents! I knew he couldn't do it!"


Help Center Message: Hi Andy,

I just watched your video from Mostar 'I Am Going to Show What I Eat on 5 Dollars Per Day'

I respect your work, and way of living, but I want to inform you about living in my country.

If we use some math here it looks like:

5.08 $ * 30 days in month = 152.4$ * 2 persons(average) = 304.8 $ (this is number if you have 'only' 5$ per day)

In my country - Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are many people (mostly pensioners) with monthly earnings of 201.6 $ (305 KM). And that is all money. For everything (food, medicaments, water, electricity...etc). Imagine that.

For those people, 5$ per day is 'wow'. Believe me, It is not art or special tehnique to 'survive' with 5$ per day. It is art, truly art, to survive whole month with 200$. Try it!

Greetings from Bosnia!

Name: Enis K
Country: Bosnia And Herzegovina


Hello andy, i found the article and the video that Zaheed was talking about in the: "" ....... lol.....

Amerikanac u Mostaru prihvatio izazov: Kako preživjeti dan za pet dolara

Ameri?ki putnik besku?nik Andy Lee Graham putuje 16 godina i do sada je obišao 93 zemlje. Andy je prihvatio izazov posjetioca njegove stranice koji mu je rekao da ne može preživjeti jedan dan za pet dolara. U Mostaru je dokazao da je to ipak mogu?e.................................

Here the link:

Here the translation in English:|enandtbb=1andie=UTF-8

Greetings, arnold


Something went wrong with the translation url.......

OK here the English translation:

Greetings, arnold


You can eat what you want to eat, I really do not care what you do. I know my body, I know the amount of calories, or food I can intake per day and stay at the same weight, and not grow larger. Self-knowledge is rare, most people on the planet,not just American just live,eat, screw, and live for the next temptation they want to accept.

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