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I Found Vocational School That Teaches Woodworking That Could Make Teak Example for Bed


A thought on furniture: I had a friend who fully furnished a hotel with antiques which he found and restored in China. When the furniture was placed in a climate controlled environment (the hotel) it split ,cracked and pulled itself apart as it dried.
That said, my wife and I framed a 3 bedroom house on Kodiak Island, AK with central heating and a large wood stove. We used spruce right from the sawmill . We only predried some decorative interior boards. How we framed the house allowed the wood to behave while drying. Simply put, each board and beam was surrounded in tension by those contiguous.

Page Turner

Even my furniture was very dry after heating my home with a boiler furnace all winter. Had to bring the humidity up to normal as quickly as possible. Tricky situation!

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