I Do Not Know This Fruit, What Is It


figs i think then pommegranate


fhanks for the help, I love Fig Newtons, but not sure these taste the same. Maybe I should try them, I truly wish I was a garbage disposable eater, I could make a fortune eating food. I will go to Iraq, but eating food makes me squeamish. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newtons_(cookie)


Shocking is the number of thing a person could care about, it is often things or people, and for most, thing win, while for me, it is people.


Thank you for showing us the mystery fruit. For those of us who are not so fruit literate...Andy, I'm not sure of the english from the comment starting with Shocking but I love the one about the fig newtons I love them too. Do continue to show us the fun things that we may have never seen before like the backpack blender and the purple fig thing Too FUN ( - :

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