I do NOT Edit My Videos, And Sometimes They can Be Harsh Towards USA


Agh, it is hard for me to refrain from letting my true thoughts come out when even referring to NGO's or do gooders who are oblivious to there lack of empathy. Like everyone on the planet want to told they are poor by an American do-gooder.


OK Sal, it is frustrating and makes me angry to watch. However, one of the most interesting, enjoyable parts of travel for me is the entertainment I receive in watching people. It is a reality comedy, stapstick, watching people make fools of themselves under the delusion they are being intelligent. In the book by Dale Carnegie, --- How to win friends, and influence people he says to "say the name of people." People just love to hear their names, so if you want to make them feel good, and to influence them, get them to say their name, sort of what FACE book does on steroids, the same, get them to talk about themselves.

Even more intoxicating is to help a person to perceive he, or she is helping poor people, what a rush of superiority. And, granting that feeling is big money. The bottom line Sal, we cannot change the world, we must accept, and if we call it a comedy, it make s a lot more fun to observe. Maybe this is a dark comedy. Personally I think that boy Satan, if there is one, will never lose his job, better yet, a female Satan.

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