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I Convert 5 Dollar Room into 5 Star Room, Sometimes Use a Steel Wool Scrubber


Sweet, it is amazing how something so simple can noticeably make your stay feel better. Well worth the effort.


There is a mental block for many travelers,saying to themselves. "The Hotel owns it, it is their job." In reverse, this means a person will live in a bad room, refusing to improve his or her life. I was a real estate broker and many, maybe 70 percent of people do not clean more than surface, about the same as cheap hotel. In the end, we need to believe we are the only person who is responsible. for a few days in 2015, I will own a room in Kpalime, Togo, it is my home.


Yup, many people are stubborn and wait for the hotel to "do their job" and spend every minute hating being there instead of putting in some sweat equity and enjoying their stay.


I love how you have reframed living in a $5 room to a 5 star room. Very brilliant!

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