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I Believe the Hotel in Antalya Turkey Was Serving Extremely Bad Juice for Breakfast


The juice looks scary. It seems that the folks who are staffing the hostel are apathetic and very uncaring. I do find myself complaining a lot of this kind of thing here in the states. Folks in the US are apathetic but yes they do try to keep healthy standards for the most part. It would still be good to try it. Perhaps it is yucky looking but good. It makes me think of the song line " give me spots on my apples,, leave me the birds and the bees,, Sometimes we do dress up stuff with dyes and such.


The Juice is unacceptable--- I was making the point, WE need governments like the USA to keep Hotels honest. Apathy in Hotels is rampant, and 100 times worst now with Smarphones. The second notice wast to viewers, engage your brains, and make savvy decisions. The people in the 5 Star hotels have the same things, they just have wilful blindness, because they paid so much, their egos refuse to admit there are problems.


Shows like Restaurant Impossible and Bar Rescue show this flagrant disregard for/ignorance of customer safety. Adding fresh juice to a dispenser that has juice that was rancid 6 months ago does not purify it, even ice machines need to be emptied and cleaned to avoid brownish green slime buildup. Very often we trust to easily and think higher prices somehow equal quality - that is wrong.

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