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I, Andy Travel to Guatemala February 3, 2016. Update Mom Graham is Better


I, Andy Travel to Guatemala February 3, 2016. Update Mom Graham is Better

Catherine Todd

Oh, we just left home in Panajachel, Lake Atitlan at the end of January. Hope to see you again in town another time when we get back! So glad to hear that Mom Graham is doing better. What a wonderful mother you have there... hope to see you BOTH again!

Say hello to her for me - met both of you on your last night at Chinita's restaurant in Panajachel during the funny all-star song and dance show!

Catherine Todd, AtitlanArts dot com


How exciting Andy. You seem extra upbeat and energized here. It must bring you a lot of joy to see your mom plus I suspect that your tummy is feeling a lot happier after having to endure the lack of palatable cuisine in Togo.

You've made me dream of Lago Atitlan or bust! You make traveling there sound so easy and fun. My goal is that by next year at this time, to spend a few months in Panajachel. Serendipity may have its way, while sitting in a coffee shop with great conversation. Looking forward to seeing you there!


Andy, I have been watching your Videos on You Tube for about a year. I enjoy them very much, I did pay particular attention to the videos with mom Graham. I am seventy. I survived a major stroke December 2010. I walk with a cane most of the time. Watching her gave me hope that I might be able to travel, and get beyond the dream stage, I am looking at Lake Chapala or Lake Attitlan as a possible beginning point. No question, just a comment.

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