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I Am Taking My Mother To Guatemala, Wolf Asked Question About Car From Airport, Room Reservations And Medicine


She is an 81 year old woman, she lives a just life, we will not live our lives as if we need to defend our actions. I see this type of worry, fear, as an Americanization that is epidemic.


I have been to Lake Atitlan maybe 7 times. Normally, I take the 20 USD taxi, or cheaper shuttle to Antigua, spend a couple of nights, then pop on Chicken Bus for Pana. I do not like the small shuttles, they take the back roads, drive like idiots, and I get car sick. Or, I call up Don Carlos, pay him 75 USD to meet me at the airport. I will pay 170 USD per month to rent a room with hi-speed Internet, color TV, private shower, hot water, and kitchen. I have a choice of 4 hotels.

Yo hablo espanol muy bien, y conozco todos las paises de central y sud America, pero delatrea palabras malos.

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