I Am Taking My Mother To Guatemala, Wolf Asked Question About Car From Airport, Room Reservations And Medicine


Andy, not being a medicine taker, you may not have run into this. There are some 3rd world places that can make an issue of drugs in bags if you get inspected at customs/immigration. Might want to tell your mom to be sure she has a (copy of a) written doctor's prescription for each bottle she's carrying. That usually suffices if there is a challenge.

Given two knee replacements she probably has some pain killers, and those are prime targets at Customs.


She is an 81 year old woman, she lives a just life, we will not live our lives as if we need to defend our actions. I see this type of worry, fear, as an Americanization that is epidemic.


Hi Andy. This is Sal from Xela. I think it's a GOOD idea for you and your Mom to get the HECK out of La Capital ASAP and go to Antigua. Though pricey and touristy by Chapin standards, Antigua is pretty and a lot SAFER than Guatemala Ciudad. Dalisa (My Fiance) and I usually do La Antigua to Pana by Chicken Bus-about 3 hours and 35Q-$4USD. However, this is NOT for an 81 year old woman or Newbies to Guate. Apart from the Hotels you mentioned in Pana, Dalisa and I often stay at "Villa Lupita", located in the Rastra area of Pana near the Main Church. A Double is a 120 Q or $15 US. Private Bath and cable-No WiFi-pronounced 'Vee-Fee in Guate. It's less touristy than Calle Santander and about a 15 minute walk down Avenida de Los Arboles to where "La Palapa" Bar-Gringo Headquarters is and the main junction in Pana of Calle Principal and Calle Santander. I know a good Dentist in Xela., 3 hours West from Pana. His name is Dr. Freddy Barrios. Dr. Barrios speaks English well and was trained in Connecticut. Hope to see you Andy in Pana at the end of Jan. 2015. Hasta la vista amigo y que todo te vaya bien.-------Sal in Xela


I have been to Lake Atitlan maybe 7 times. Normally, I take the 20 USD taxi, or cheaper shuttle to Antigua, spend a couple of nights, then pop on Chicken Bus for Pana. I do not like the small shuttles, they take the back roads, drive like idiots, and I get car sick. Or, I call up Don Carlos, pay him 75 USD to meet me at the airport. I will pay 170 USD per month to rent a room with hi-speed Internet, color TV, private shower, hot water, and kitchen. I have a choice of 4 hotels.

Yo hablo espanol muy bien, y conozco todos las paises de central y sud America, pero delatrea palabras malos.

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