I am Happy Today, It Was My Dream That Mom Graham Sit at Sidewalk Cafe's in Pana and Read Books


I wanted to see mom Graham's video. But it says it's private.


Oops, did not publish, here is the video of Mom Graham reading in sidewalk cafe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NydKi5zPgVI


I'm so enjoying these post and videos of Mom Graham. When she was packing and said she had packed her Bible I thought sounds like my Mom who just passed 12-3-14. So following your journey has been really helpful in my grieving process. Wish I could join you. Hopefully next time. Thank you!


"A dios" literally "with God" short form for "Vaya con dios " literally "Go with God". When one says "A dios" the "vaya con" part of the statement is understood without actually saying it so in a way you are saying goodbye in the sense that you are wishing the person protection from God or that they be protected and accompanied by God.. With god -- A dios.




The sidewalk cafe near our home in DC is one of my most treasured refuges. Looking forward to the outside seating in the spring. It truly feels like living the "good life."


Thanks Steven, that is what I love to read, that simple things grant people the good life. Many people are like addicts, it is is not a higher level of confusion, and complication,they often cannot see how they are just chasing their tail Thanks.

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