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How to Retire in a Country -- How to know when you are on a fools run


Hi Andy

Excellent. It's about time someone mentioned retiring in cities and not countries.

There's a website that allows you to compare cost of living between country + city.

Info is generated by people living in those areas, so it's pretty close to what's the actuall cost is.

Take care


It becomes quite obvious that Americans coming to Ecuador, Panama, and Costa Rica are not understanding global travel. I think you are in Cyprus?


Will be in about 3 weeks.



On one the online "Ex Pat" forums and some of the Facebook "Ex Pat" or "Relocation" groups there are several members of a type A personality who cannot agree to disagree, and yes most of them, USA Citizens and Canadians, have never TRAVELED Globally, some even have been to say, Costa Rica 2 or 3 times vacationing in Resorts and get "Tropical Fever", take expensive "Relocation Tours" or hook on websites posing as "Relocation faciltators", actually Real Estate Agents from US or Canada and crooked Lawyer partners, these newcomers "eager" to buy are called "Pineapples" by the Real Estate cons, I settled in Mexico City then Guatemala City since I already had been there, had relatives, contacts and spoke the local language, knew the culture and customs and don't require too many "things" to get by, recently joined the "NOMADS" Group on Facebook, there are a few young Idealists who wish to travel "Free" but most realize you have to work on or off line at some point unless you are a Trust Fund Baby. I rarely get any thanks for advices anymore from the new generation of 'wanna be' retirees, relocators, one called me a "tour guide" of course it is common sense to visit your target country or city and tour around! Any one coming to Central America the first time and wish 2 cents worth of common sense advice, message me here or on my facebook Group saludos y buen viaje, todos vaya con Dios.

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