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How to Prepare for Travel 10 Years from Now?

Three things that are super important.


How to Prepare for Travel 10 Years from Now?


Wow, what an excellent video! I did not expect your answers to be what they were. I've never heard bloggers talk about # 2 or 3 as important for travelers, and yet these are the exact 3 changes I have made in my life recently., so I could not agree with you more.

I am now a travel blogger, I have lost 120 lbs (and am back on track to lose the rest) and I have stopped eating all flour or sugar after joining FA, Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (similar to AA).

In order to be in recovery and to get to and to maintain a right sized body, I have had to put all travel on hold. It's frustrating because I'm dying to go to so many new places, as well as to return to old favorites, but for right now this is my priority.

I have lived in India as an overweight food addict, I've lived in Jamaica with relationship issues, and I've visited Paris while struggling with a shopping addiction. I want to travel in a more serene, healthy way so that I can be present and enjoy the people and places I've been given the opportunity to experience, and to do that I need to focus on getting as healthy as I can be.

For now, travel can wait. I'm on the right path by starting my journey at home.
Thank you, Andy!

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