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How to Make Passive or Active Income as Traveler?


How to Make Passive or Active Income as Traveler?


Making money buying Teak ,,, interesting. Have you ever taught English?


I taught English in Aeroquipa, Peru, and not a good job for me, like working in a factory. But, it is the easy job to get as a traveler.


I just came across this:

"Need handy couple for off the grid property on Lake Atitlan."

House Sitter Needed for GuatemalaExoticaSave
Posted or Updated Jun 29,2015

I am looking for someone handy and responsible who can help around my property in lieu of rent. You would need a working knowledge of Spanish and an ability to troubleshoot the systems in this off the grid acreage situated on the shores of beautiful Lake Atitlan. The property is only a 5 minute boat ride from the nearest town, Santiago, and is only accessible by boat. At times you would be hosting rentals and so need to have people skills and be willing to handle the duties involved with hosting guests. The property is fairly technical so you need sufficient knowledge to handle the water system, basic plumbing skills, mechanics, and be aware enough to recognize a problem if it is about to happen and troubleshoot it. (The local tradesmen are not trained in plumbing and it is very difficult to find a good mechanic.) That being said, I always leave the property and machines in excellent working condition. There are extensive flower gardens, an organic vegetable garden and orchids everywhere. I do have a gardener who works 4 days a week who handles the majority of outdoor work. He needs light supervision and direction in his daily duties. During dry season the caretaker is expected to water the gardens the 3 days that the gardener does not work. And, I need someone who will give loving affection and care to Shadow, my big beautiful dog,and my cat Misha.

Accommodation is either in the self contained one bedroom cottage or in the two bedroom house, depending on the arrangements we mutually decide on. Your share of expenses are minimal and include, propane for your shower and stove,(approximately $15 a month depending on use) gas to raise water, ($10 a week), your transportation to and from the property, your food, and any other personal expenses you incur. You must come with sufficient money to support yourself for your time commitment. Also, I am asking for a $500 bond which would be returned to you at the end of your stay if there are no damages to the house and equipment. Someone adventurous, handy, and truly interested in gardening is ideal. The house sitters are to be in charge of the property while I am away and should be prepared to be involved. Working knowledge of Spanish is a must. This is a perfect place for a writer working on a project. Serenity and a level of quiet isolation is the tone of the property. A willingness to be on the property during the nights is also a necessity. As technology is changing rapidly so is the mode of internet connection. Cell /hot spot access is becoming better than older methods. I would like continuity on my property which is why I am asking for a commitment of 6 months or longer. The area is one of the most beautiful in the world, facing two inactive volcanoes and nestled in the Santiago bay. A love of Nature and openness to a different culture is a necessity. I must also point out that the buildings are 40 meters up the side of San Pedro volcano, great for views, but require that you be in good health and physically fit. Also, you need to love solitude as there are no immediate neighbors, although civilization is just a short boat trip away. The property is advertised for rental by the week and if there are rentals, you would be asked to host the guests and would receive a portion of the rental income.


Lake Atitlan Sweat Equity living -- Thanks Deb, we have a few members on the lake right now. This person is being honest about the locations, it is solitary living, but with a boat, you could visit San Pedro, or San Marcos, it is the boat I would concentrate on...

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