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How to Lock Your Luggage or Backpackers to Bed


I believe that humans naturally adapt to situations, when we feel in danger, then we take more precautions. However, the savvy traveler know there is random problems, and dangers of theft that cannot be felt. Then he or she adapts and plans a strategy of safety, the optimal safety that can be obtained in the present situation. I rented the Hostel Dino in Mostar, and it says they have lockers, my reservation forced me to stay in the hotel, or lose the money. Which is why I hate to get reservations, but the cities in Europe are often overbooked, so we must reserve a room, or live on the streets, or move onto the next city.

There must be a strategy, a set of personal rules to follow for safety. These need applied for all countries, and all hotels. Often people believe that living in expensive hotels makes them safer, but it does not, instead they are better targets.

Sadly, the problems of theft for travelers is the denial that it happens, generally most travelers feel stupid when they get robbed, they know they were being stupid, and will not reveal this, or tell others, admit how they was stupid. If they admitted their stupidity, then others could learn, but it is not the nature of humans to admit when the were stupid.

Not having a strategy is stupid, getting robbed is something that can happen to anyone. What I did here would not stop a determined thief, really nothing will stop them, this is just keeping honest people away from temptation.

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