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How To Buy Cheap Real Estate In Dominican Republic ?

How To Buy Cheap Real Estate In Dominican Republic? Real estate ownership, is the opposite of freedom. Therefore to have me buy it abroad, where it can take 1 to 2 years to cell is to give up my freedom. it's all about priorities in a way, do I want to live in one location, and hope I'm making money. Being an entrepreneur is fun, but it's better than thinking first and then he by the business you start. The average real estate sale in the United States can be 30 to 60 days, wow the average sale of real estate in Dominican Republic or other developing countries can be 1 to 2 years. after saying that If you buy property for $0.25 on the dollar then go for a quick sale by selling it for $0.50 on the dollar. You can ramp up this cell process pretty fast. The question is do you have the ability to do an appraisal in a foreign country.? Do you have the ability to do an appraisal in the United States, or Canada, or Europe. The whole real estate business is about buying low, and selling high it's a very simple business, while people think too much about rehabbing a property and not about buying low and selling High. The foolishness of the real estate business is the idea that this is just Sweat Equity thank you Andy Lee Graham in Sosua Dominican Republic 2017


How To Buy Cheap Real Estate In Dominican Republic ?

Butch Black1

Hi Andy, this is one of your best videos on real estate. Your advise is correct, I researched property title in the USA. It was interesting to see land grants from kings and queens of thousands of acres to people with a stroke of a pen, reguardless of the indigenous people that lived there. I have seen property in Oregon subdivided by a British man that had no title and sold it over a 100 years ago and people today with that property think they have clear title. I suggest people interested in selling real estate to contact Andy and learn the Real truth about buying and selling real estate.

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