How Much Does it Cost to Live in Ecuador?


How Much Does it Cost to Live in Ecuador?

Catherine Todd

Andy, this is one of the BEST videos you've done and I've ever seen about ex-pats and what it's like to live in a foreign country, and what ex-pats who have NOT lived there for more than seven years think like! I found myself nodding my head, shaking my head and smiling at just about everything you've said!

I live most of the year at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, and see exactly what you are talking about every single day. I need to learn to nod my head and smile - and stay silent more of the time! I'm sure I would get along a whole lot better with the "gringo community!"

Catherine Todd

PS: Do you know of another area with the same almost 75 degree year round weather by fresh water that would be similar to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala?

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Thanks Andy, that makes good sense.

I was talking about how you tell who is a liar and who you can trust.

Catherine Todd

I received a notice that another comment was made (by Rippin) so I guess I am getting notices. Great!


Sorry Andy, 300 bucks a month in Colombia? NOT! I lived there for 7 yrs and you can't do it for less than 300 a month, which is approximately 800,000.00 Colombian pesos. To live on this, you will have to rent in the south part of Bogota (Nasty). I understand about luxury vs poverty, but to live decent (not luxury) in Bogota you need at least 1,0000 U.S. a month.

Same holds true for Medellin, Cali, Cartagena and all major cities in Colombia. You can probably live on less than $300 U.S. in a rural area, but be prepared to get kidnapped by the FARC! Ecuador...yes! I don't think saying that all South and Central America are the same is an accurate statement.


Yes Douglas, a good example for the viewers of what they encounter from other expats.


Thank you so very much. I think I asked the same question several months ago and you gave me assurance that $1,600 per month was plenty. But this response absolutely puts all concerns to rest. Or at least refocuses the question towards myself and determining my owns "needs."Thank you very much!

Butch Black1

Great discussion, different points of view and a example of how you can agree to disagree.


We all have opinions, and they are helpful, if we all agreed we would all go the same place..


Andy what has you wanting to go back to Cuenca? Is it something that might benefit others?

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