How Chinese Motorcycles Could Destroy Economy of USA Europe? #microfinance


How Chinese Motorcycles Could Destroy Economy of USA Europe? #microfinance


This ties into your video about solo traveling where you emphasized the virtue of simplicity. A four lane highway or a light rail or high-speed railway is complex and encourages more complexity. And complexity is what hobos are often trying to get away from. Urbanization is another form of increased complexity.


Capitalism doing what it does best.


Andy is spot on
In 1970 in Saigon I took a photograph of a family of 5 or more on one motorcycle.
At that time, Vietnam was the world leading importer of the Honda 90.
Andy says, "The best places are where everybody is leaving."
A lot of people get killed or maimed in motorcycle accidents in these countries because
of crowded traffic, poor roads, and erratic driving, which he hasn't mentioned, but would like is take on it.
Vietnam had a horrible problem, until a special helmut was developed for children.

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