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How a Computer Overheats?, How to Stop?

Computers overheat,and people buy new ones, when really all they had to do is pay $50 to have the thing cleaned. People see the blue screen, and buy a new one, when really they just need to reset the RAM chips. all in all there's a lot of small things that make computers obsolete, don't work correct, and the computer Companies Love this. as for me, I don't like to set up a new computer and try to figure out how to get it to work, it takes weeks to change computers. thank you your friend Andy Lee Graham


How a Computer Overheats?, How to Stop?


yes. I have also noticed problems with laptops overheating. sometimes my laptop will suddenly shut off and the cause is overheating. It is relatively easy to clean the fan with a can of compressed air. I do not bother messing with the heat sink for the processor. if you search youtube you will find videos that will walk you through the procedure.

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