Hobo It! We Run Our Travel Questions Up The Flagpole, See If Anybody Salutes It?

Testing an idea is a lot easier on hobotraveler talk while then to go all the way to the country spend $3,000 then come home. Many people don't get it travels and expensive things to do. You need to do a test run, put it out on the table, run it up the flagpole, hobo it and see if anybody salutes it. They're not going to say anything bad, A bad idea will get no comments gamma from the 3 to 4 star Hobos

HOBO IT -- What we do on the Hobo Talk Wall
run it up the flagpole to see who salutes it
I've written for years about the propositional voice, is where I write something in a question, to propose something to say that this is something that I am thinking about. The interaction of the internet is the value, to run some ideas up the flagpole, and see who salutes and who wants to shoot it down. The hard part she's the trend has become to see who can destroy the flagpole, hobo Traveler stop 6 dead in the tracks, you will either speak, as gentlemen and ladies