Hobo It! We Run Our Travel Questions Up The Flagpole, See If Anybody Salutes It?

Testing an idea is a lot easier on hobotraveler talk while then to go all the way to the country spend $3,000 then come home. Many people don't get it travels and expensive things to do. You need to do a test run, put it out on the table, run it up the flagpole, hobo it and see if anybody salutes it. They're not going to say anything bad, A bad idea will get no comments gamma from the 3 to 4 star Hobos HOBO IT -- What we do on the Hobo Talk Wall run it up the flagpole to see who salutes it I've written for years about the propositional voice, is where I write something in a question, to propose something to say that this is something that I am thinking about. The interaction of the internet is the value, to run some ideas up the flagpole, and see who salutes and who wants to shoot it down. The hard part she's the trend has become to see who can destroy the flagpole, hobo Traveler stop 6 dead in the tracks, you will either speak, as gentlemen and ladies https://www.hobotraveler.com/types-of-travel/hermits-i-think-i-want-to-avoid-people-right-now.php


Hobo It! We Run Our Travel Questions Up The Flagpole, See If Anybody Salutes It?


OK! Here is a question...I sent this email to an immigration lawyer's talk wall (blog) at her invitation here in Jamaica. They said to pose the questions and they would answer. The letter is self explanatory as to what my question is if anybody thinks they have the answer.
By the way I got nowhere with my question to them as you will see I copied and pasted that also. Here it is:

"Hello Deidre,

I am visiting your lovely country from Canada and have a question.

When I arrived from Canada in Montego Bay my original departure ticket was 90 days from my arrival going to Florida and this was noted on my PICA slip as length of stay 90 days (my Canadian Passport was not stamped) ...however, due to my sisters health she will not be able to meet me in Florida as planned until 33 days later so, I adjusted my plane ticket with South Western to depart 33 days later. I am told by immigration that I have to take my new ticket to the Montego Bay office and pay a $10,000 Jamaican fee ($100 Cnd) to change my PICA slip from the original 90 days to the new total of 133 days. I am a senior on a low fixed income and cannot afford this fee.

My friend that I am staying with says as a Canadian I am allowed 180 days (6months) and that I should just ignore what immigration said and go to the airport with my new ticket on my departure date and leave...that nothing will happen. He says paying for the extension would only be necessary if I was from a country that requires a visa to enter and that as a Canadian I don’t need one to visit less than 6 months.

What is your opinion? Is my friend right? I would really appreciate your view as an immigration specialist.

Thank you,

Allen...(Canadian Citizen)

My answer from them was:
Good day,

Thank you for contacting us.

We do not conduct free consultations by email. We however randomly select questions and answer them in the Jamaica Gleaner. If selected, your name will be kept confidential.

Many answers to questions are often found on our website and in past articles that were published in the Jamaica Gleaner. Some of our articles maybe viewed at: http://cicimmigrationtips.blogspot.ca/

Kindly advise if you would like to book an appointment to speak with Ms. Powell. She will be in office on Monday, January 8, 2018.

We accept payment via credit card or PayPal.

We look forward to serving you and your family.

When you go to the blog every question on there is "How can I get a visa to work or study in Canada...lol...nothing else!

SO...I ran it up the flag pole...can anybody salute it?...lol

Thanks All...Allen


I don't know what to say, people arranging for visas abroad are almost of 0 value to me. It takes longer to figure out if there are an honest person, then to do the work myself.
Daily, I get an email from the Canadian government giving me updates on Travel warnings. I've tried to sign up for the USA, British, and Australian, the Canadian one seems to be the best, the most stable.
If I follow their website to this page I can get the entry requirements for a Canadian.
Nobody's going to take responsibility, yet is it Canadian, the only hope is to find another Canadian that's lived in Jamaica off and on for 3 or 4 years. Then you got to get collaboration of two or three more Canadians. ask the question did you do this? It is incredible, it is amazing, how many armchair Visa experts there are in the planet. and extremely difficult question,, At the end of the day they don't want to keep us they want to make us pay. getting at the airport at 2 in the morning, can be a problem. Nobody knows who to blame, often they just let you go from an airport, and don't deal with it
Say what I'm always saying to you, is ask another Canadian don't ask a local, and don't ask an attorney because they get paid to lie, especially these are attorneys.
Help me, an American, a USA passport, I can do a search on Google for USA Consular sheets Jamaica, and something like this will show up.
I use his company many times, inside USA, to get visas to strange places like Ghana, Nigeria, any place that is Off the Wall crazy. if I need a visa, and I don't want any problems, I deal with them, because, it's a person. Visa attorneys inside of country, are almost worthless there are companies like a Briggs, that do deal with Americans proper, and they do all countries.
In so many ways, if I was rich I would just send them a package every country I go to and let them cover me like an insurance policy.
Yet, the truth is Ninety-nine percent of the countries on the planet will allow an American Canadian British German French to enter without a problem. We just have to pay our way through. If you can get on the plane, you can arrive right.
Now I pay in Jeroen in Thailand to help me figure this stuff out, I sent him $100 all the time maybe two to three times a year, and he keeps me safe, the bad part is he's terribly difficult to deal with for somebody that doesn't know him already, he wants paid before you talk to him, what a anal way to do things, and all I do is get caught in the middle.
however he takes care of me, all this stuff is mine brains behind my brain.

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