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Here Jimmy, A One Man Band Singing the U2 Song -- I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For


Hi Andy Are you still working on the perfect backpack? I'm interested in what you have deviced. I am going to leave mine behind this trip and carry an old army duffel bag with a small day pack. Have fun and keep the videos coming. RICHARD S


Yes, I am still working. I now need to buy material from a company in Florida, and have it sent to my home in Indiana. I have man to sew one, I just need to bring it all together, and do a run of 10-20.


Note, an Army duffel bag is about is very secure, and the zippers cannot break. I am trying to use the wire ring thing on my bag so as to eliminate zippers.



Hello Andy i used Google to find something more of Jimmy.....

Here the website of the Jimmy Jimmy One Man Band

Here some more video's of Jimmy Jimmy on YouTube:

Here some more video's of Jimmy Jimmy on Google:

His Facebook page:

Greatings and have a nice trip in Europe, arnold


The collection of links was greatly appreciated, I truly enjoyed listening to Jimmy, he seemed to really love singing, and love the songs he sang, I could feel his words.


You're welcome, Arnold

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